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Sofia Richie & Jasmine Sanders

NEW YORK, NY - Style icons Sofia Richie and Jasmine Sanders are loving the DL1961 fit and high rise jeans.
Sofia Richie has steadily racked up her modeling credits since first catching our attention in 2014. Her latest gig is the DL1961's Spring 2017 campaign. Joined by fellow influencers Jasmine Sanders and model Nathaniel Dam, Richie hits New York City's Chinatowns for the ads, which showcase off-duty denim looks you're going to want to copy.

“I haven't come across any like it and they're really comfortable,” 

Sofia Richie

"At the end of the day, denim is the most core, essential utilitarian pice that everyone wears, so it was important for us to take on a more conversational tone" DL1961's Creative Director. "We are reinterpreting vintage fits and washes but with the feel and performance of new age denim."